# Quick Start

RedwoodJS requires Node.js (>=14.x <=16.x) and Yarn (>=1.15).

Run the following command to create a new Redwood project in a "my-redwood-app" project directory.

  yarn create redwood-app my-redwood-app

Start the development server:

   cd my-redwood-app
   yarn redwood dev

A browser should automatically open to http://localhost:8910 and you will see the Redwood welcome page.

# The Redwood CLI

The Redwood developer experience relies heavily on the Redwood CLI. It's installed as a dependency when you create a new redwood-app, and is run locally in your app.

The following will show all the available commands in the Redwood CLI (note: rw is alias of redwood):

yarn rw --help

Some commands, like prisma, have a lot of options. You can dig further into a specific command by adding --help to the command like so:

yarn rw prisma --help

Take a visit to the CLI Doc to see detailed information on all commands and options.

# Generators

Redwood generators make monotonous developer tasks a breeze. Creating all the boilerplate code required for CRUD operations on a model can be accomplished with a few commands. Three to be exact.

Every new Redwood project comes with a default Model called UserExample in api/db/schema.prisma (ignore the rest of the file for now, it's for more advanced configuration data).

model UserExample {
  id    Int     @id @default(autoincrement())
  email String  @unique
  name  String?

With only two commands, Redwood will create everything we need for our CRUD operations:

yarn rw prisma migrate dev
yarn rw generate scaffold UserExample

What exactly just happened? Glad you asked.

  • yarn rw prisma migrate dev creates and applies a snapshot of our UserExample model for our migration, creating a new table in our database called UserExample
  • yarn rw generate scaffold UserExample tells Redwood to create the necessary Pages, SDL, and Services for the given Model

Just like that, we are done. No seriously. Visit http://localhost:8910/user-examples to see for yourself.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 6 28 08 PM

Redwood has created everything we need to create, edit, delete and view a User. And you didn't have to write one line of boilerplate code.

We have some other generators that are just as awesome, don't forget to check them out as well.

# Next Steps

Need more? The best way to get to know Redwood is by going through the extensive Redwood Tutorial.